About Approach Accounting

Approach Accounting exist to enhance the lives of our clients.

For our clients, Approach Accounting display an eagerness, bordering upon desperation, for them to understand their financial affairs. By way of simple example, we want them to know why the various elements in their corporate structure were set up. This enables us to remove any nagging doubts they may have so that in turn, they experience peace of mind.

Taking away the stress of not knowing or understanding means that they can be present whilst away from their business and their finances – this goes to the heart of their quality of life.

Approach Accounting believe there is a significant overlap between our clients’ quality of life and their sense of confidence. That’s the reason why we provide them with lots of reassurance. We do this when we keep in regular contact and by being contactable. Education too forms a part of our approach, whereby we help our clients to self discover and understand.

In a similar vein, we also exist to enhance the lives of our team members.

In an environment where everyone gets treated with equal respect, we foster a culture of approachability and encourage people to ask questions.
We are serious about maintaining a healthy work/life balance. In fact, by living this philosophy we want to set a powerful example for the clients, who naturally will look to us to “walk the talk”.

For us to live a good life and do our best work, maintaining mental health and always embodying an ethical approach is critical.

To sum up, by doing what we do, we are providing the means for our key stakeholders to enjoy good health, inspiration and fulfilment.

Our Values

All clients are treated with the respect that they deserve.

There's no such thing as a dumb question. Clients and employees are encouraged to ask and continually learn.

Balance in life is key. We encourage clients to achieve a work/life balance by leading by example.

We will use technology to improve a client's business and their experience with us, but it's no replacement for personal service.