Downsize and Pivot

After experiencing rapid growth in their excavation business our clients had purchased and financednumerous pieces of machinery.   Unfortunately theloss of a key contractmeant that our client was faced with large monthly repayments on new machines that were sitting idle.  They were facing financial ruin and the potential loss of the recently acquired family farm.

We helped the clients identify which machines were producing positive cash flow and helped build a budget with different scenarios depending on how quickly they could sell the machines that needed to be moved on.  Furthermore, this budget also helped them identify opportunities within the farming business to make decisions on where best to invest their time and money.

The client is now running two profitable businesses side by side with much lower overheads.  The excavation business accepts only work that will generate a good return and at a scale that is maintainable.  Meanwhile the farm has gone from strength to strength and has progressed from being a dream and a bit of a hobby to a well-run business producing excellent results.

“When we lost our major excavation contract I was really worried for my family’s future.  Marty’s guidance helped us downsize the excavation business and pivot to become profitable farmers which was a lifelong dream of mine.  We actually passed a milestone in December 2020 quarter where the turnover from the farm was more than the turnover in the excavation business, this wouldn’t have been possible without Marty’s support”.  Jordan Henry, Somerton NSW.