Location Location Location

When a client, a motorcycle retailer, was running out of space an agenda item for discussion was added to our next quarterly meeting.  The options were to pay extra and convert a mezzanine in their current location or look to move elsewhere.  The client had searched within a couple of kms of their existing location but couldn’t quite find anything appropriate.

At our meeting I suggested that they take a step back and examine where their customers were based before making the decision to continue somewhere near their current location.  We helped them extract a list of customers, sorted by postcode and then came up with totals of customers within each postcode.  This data showed that the majority of their customers were located within the Lake Macquarie area, around 25km away from the existing shop.

The client searched within the new area, located the right premises and since moving out has had record sales months consistently since.

“The discussions with Marty helped us to identify where we should be located and the business has grown by around 50% since the relocation.  These discussions wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have an excellent relationship and regular meetings with Marty.”  Shane Place, KTM Newcastle