Starting a New Business

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Starting a new business? This is how we can help.

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As an accountant I’ve helped plenty of people start businesses – we discuss the appropriate structure, set up the structure and arrange the necessary registrations (ABN, GST, etc).  Everything is then handed over to the client and they go on their way and set up the business.  However, there is so much more to setting up a business than just the structure and the registrations. Starting over with Approach Accounting was a nice little reminder to me of how much is actually involved in starting a business and how many different people are involved in setting up a new business once the structure is in place.  When I first commenced on the self-employment path a little over 20 years ago my business grew very organically, but this time around I’ve hit the ground running with something that is much more complete and on a much larger scale.  The process that I encountered during the start-up of Approach has inspired me to be much more hands-on with my clients when they are setting up a business – I will now be helping them to piece together the entire project with an agreed-upon timeline and hurdles in place.

In order to achieve this I have designed a downloadable checklist of the steps involved and the people that you need in your corner to ensure a successful launch.  Click here to access the download and feel free to tweak it for your personal circumstances.

With the support of the correct people and an overall plan to work with, we have successfully made the transition to the new business.  It’s given me a renewed respect for everyone starting businesses and all those self-employed people that I enjoy working with so much.  Of course, if you would like a referral to any of the incredible people who helped me in this process, I’m more than happy to share their details, and if you are considering setting up a business please don’t hesitate to contact me.